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face blur

Detect & Blur Human Faces

Learn how to detect all human faces present in a given image or video frame first, then apply a blur filter or extract each one of them using only two PixLab endpoints.

Target API Endpoints
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Scan Passports & ID Cards

Effortlessly Scan & Extract data from over 11,097 ID documents including Passports, Driver's Licenses, Visas, and ID Cards from 197+ countries ↗, with or without MRZ, using a single developer-friendly REST API endpoint ↗.

Target API Endpoints
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face blur
blur images

Content Moderation

Filter image uploads according to their Not Safe for Work, NSFW Score, then apply a blur filter if adult or bloody content is detected using only two PixLab endpoints.

Target API Endpoints
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Generate a description of an image

Let's generate a set of TAGs in human readable sentences that describe the contents of a given image. This imply running a Convolutional neural network on top of the target image and extract content of interest.

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tag image
dynamic image

Dynamically Create a New Image

Implement a smart Captcha-like challenge by generating a new image on the fly of desired height & width, and draw some text on top to challenge bots on your platform.

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Media Storage


Highly available, robust and safe storage for all your videos & images via unified APIs

  • Content is served via a highly efficient, globally distributed CDN over SSL
  • Big data ready with up to 2 TB of storage
  • Proxy to AWS S3 for total control over your media assets
  • Simple API endpoints: STORE, COPY & DELETE

Machine Vision


State-of-the-art, Unified Machine Vision API endpoints at your fingertips

Media Processing


Process, transform & filter images from your favorite programming language

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Computer Vision

Moderate content, recognize objects, blur faces, scan travel documents and much more. Bring vision to your apps with state-of-the-art deep learning models at your fingertips.

Image & Video Processing

Process, filter and transform images & videos easily thanks to hundreds of effects including resizing, cropping, text drawing, colors, shapes using your favorite programming language.

Media Storage

Store, transfer, proxy to S3, optimize, and deliver all your media assets including images, videos, and much more.

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EmbeddedOn-Premises & Cloud SDKs.

AI Powered Developers & Creators Tools

Image AnnotationKYC & ID ScanningGenerative AIFacial Authentication.

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