Version 1.9.72 (Release Notes)

If your organization requires more control or has strict compliance requirements, PixLab on-premises is right for you. PixLab on-premises allows organizations with restrictive IT policies or requirements for tighter integration to deploy portion or the entire PixLab stack on their own infrastructure, giving them complete control over their media assets. The on-premise version of PixLab contains exactly the same features as the cloud solution, and it will require minimal IT intervention to deploy and maintain.

Please note that PixLab on-premises is reserved for established business organizations such as enterprise class customers. For individuals, small or medium businesses & startups, you should rely on the cloud plans as they are the most affordable, efficient, and privacy friendly where you can connect your AWS S3 buckets for complete control over your media assets.


  • Complete control over your processed media assets. No assets leaves the deployment server.
  • Passports & ID Cards scanner similar to the cloud DOCSCAN API endpoint.
  • Optional Facial Recognition engine powered by FACEIO.
  • Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content detection similar to the cloud NSFW API endpoint.
  • Image/Video tagging, content extraction & description similar to the cloud TAGIMG API endpoint.
  • Image & Video Analysis
  • TLS Encrypted Transactions
  • Straightforward & Automated Installation
  • Continuous Updates, Bugs & Security Fixes
  • Priority Email Support
  • Completely Disabled Telemetry

System Requirements

The following table summarize the minimal & technical requirements needed to deploy PixLab on-premises on your own infrastructure:

Technical Requirements

CPU 4 cores at least with AVX, SSEx instructions set. Modern cloud Virtual Machines (VM), and bare metal machines are fully supported. The more cores you can afford, the more concurrent analysis you can process at instant T.
GPU NVDIA CUDA and cuDNN. Not required, but highly recommended.
RAM ≥ 32 GB DDR4
Operating System 64-bit Linux (Debian|Ubuntu|RHEL) or FreeBSD.
Disk Space ≥ 256 GB SSD or NVME
Software Stack Python 3.7 or higher, OpenSSL, Modern Clang or GCC compiler suite.

Package Order & Delivery

PixLab on-premises can be ordered at anytime via the checkout button below. Once your order is received, you'll shortly receive a package composed of the following:

  • Precompiled & Binary Packages for Deployment
  • Download Tokens for Updates
  • Automated (wizard) Installation Script
  • Deployment Documentation
  • Commercial License Agreement
  • Dashboard Access Credentials for Support Tickets
  • 90 Days of Integration Support & Assistance